Visual & Performing Arts

The Issue:

Visual and performing arts education is not provided by government schools in Uganda, meaning children in schools lack access to creative education. However, it is the children who cannot afford school who need this education even more, as it can provide practical skills and vocational training for creating crafts that they can sell to support themselves.

The Impact:

Empowering youth to be able to follow their creative passions and provide for themselves is a priority in the HCU community. Students have the option to choose between drawing, dance, and fashion design (sewing and jewelry-making) classes. Typically, the youngest children draw, whereas the older ones will alternate between breakdance and fashion classes. We encourage older students to focus more on sewing and jewelry-making, because these skills are practical and can help them support themselves with income. However, we allow children to follow their interests and pursue their passions however they wish. In order to attend Starface classes, children are required to first attend their two-hour English classes, to maintain a well-rounded education.

The Inspiration:

Local celebrity brand Starface represents several talented members of Gulu’s creative scene. From fashion designers and visual artists, to breakdancers and musicians, their success in the industry is an inspiration to all. These gracious individuals share the keys behind this success through volunteer-led classes with the students at HCU.