Internship Program

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team of interns in Gulu! The internship is a minimum of 3 weeks long, and students will be able to focus on the project of their choice:
– Education & Literacy Program 
Developing curriculums in English, mathematics, social studies, etc. Organizing debates between older children on important issues.
– Arts Program
Visual arts, music, and dance education is encouraged for our younger students, whereas practical vocational skills like bead-making, jewelry, sewing and fashion design are the focus studies for older students.
– Computer Training Program
Basic computer literacy training (searching the internet, using Word/Excel/Powerpoint, sending e-mails). We would also love to incorporate some higher level computer training classes this year, for example: HTML/Java coding, basic music production/beatmaking, basic graphic design.
– Project Uplift
Business development, personal finance, and money management trainings given to recipients of Project Uplift microfinance loan program
– Girl Power Gulu
Reproductive health, menstrual health and hygiene trainings given to local women and teen girls. This year we’d like to increase our trainings to emphasize the importance of women’s and children’s rights to education, safety.
– Family Support & Counseling
Position ideal for those interested in child/family psychology. Involves really getting to know all of the children on an individual and personal level, and visiting their homes to talk with their parents. Home visits are always accompanied by HCU host mom/Project Director/translator Kevin Okumu.
 – Develop your own class, workshop or project
One thing we are particularly excited about is letting our interns each develop a short curriculum on a topic or issue of their choice that they can teach to one or more of our three classes of HCU students (Grades 2-4, 4-6, 6-8) You will be responsible for developing the curriculum and fundraising for any materials, but you will have the help of our local team as well as the other interns to teach the classes. We are happy to work with you along the way, and you don’t need to have your finalized idea on this application, but we encourage you to think about something you think is valuable to teach.
The minimum length of an internship is 3 weeks, but we encourage longer stays. You will be staying with 3 other interns in very comfortable lodging with running water, a kitchen, mosquito nets, etc. The head of our local team, our Ugandan host mom Kevin Okumu, will be staying with you in a modern and secure apartment. Gulu itself is a very safe town and you’ll find everyone to be super friendly and welcoming. The cost of the program is $1,000 for three weeks, including groceries, transport to/from the airport. This covers the cost of renting the apartment and private transportation to and from the airport. If you need help covering these costs, please reach out!
CLICK HERE TO APPLY. Deadline for Summer 2018 Internships is February 12.