SABAA Education is a foundation dedicated to supporting grassroots education and entrepreneurship initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa. They have graciously supported Hope Center’s Music Education program for the duration of it’s 3-month pilot period.


26171838_1860501604261426_392293172217665779_o.jpgShe for She

She for She partnered with our Girl Power Gulu program to introduce reusable pads into our pad distribution program. This safe, environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable pad disbursements empowers local women by teaching them how to make the pads and providing education and support for safe upkeep and  maintenance of the products.

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femmeiinttFemme International

Femme International supports Girl Power Gulu through mentorship and supplying important tools for menstrual health education, monitoring and evaluation of programs, and building scalable models.

Connect with Femme International:  website // instagram // facebook

23130950_1518440181569747_2204134607608363692_n.png Cat Fly Film Festival

Cat Fly is an Asheville-based film festival uplifting female filmmakers in an inclusive, creative space. As the nonprofit partner for the festival, HCU benefits from exposure and showings of our video content during the festival.

Connect with Cat Fly:  website // instagram // facebook


Wer Waa Arts Festival

Wer Waa Arts Festival is a yearly celebration of the healing powers of arts and music in Northern Ugandan culture. From fashion designers and visual artists, to breakdancers and musicians, these local artists lead classes with the students at HCU.

…and you?

If you or your organization is interested in sustainably advancing youth education and women’s empowerment through a partnership with Hope Center Uganda, please fill out the form below and a member of our staff will contact you as soon as possible.