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Intern Update: July II

by Achen Joyce

Date:            16 July, 2016

Summary of week events.

We began normal lessons on Saturday at 2:00pm where I took over P.1 and P.2 as Miriam took over the rest of the classes and I taught on a topic called ‘’the different types of foods’’ where I told them as many foods as possible and I told them to draw and name as many foods as they know which they did as exercise. Besides foods, I also told them many types of fruits and told them the same to draw and name each of them where a greater percentage did well and by 4:30pm we got done with everything. On Sunday at the same time we resumed with normal programs then I taught P.5 and P.6 on a topic called ‘’adjectives’’ where I explained to them how adjectives describes a noun and what a noun is, where I gave an examples like Mr. Mukasa’s daughter is a humble girl that is to say humble is an adjective while girl is a noun. After that, we went for bead rolling where the children showed improvement in the smoothening of the beads respectively.

A time of excellence and kindness.

On Saturday when I drew foods and fruits on the blackboard and asked the children to tell me their names in English, one of the children called Lakop Lorna really impressed me. She could name all of them in English, while others only knew the Acholi names. Examples of this included cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, beans, cabbages, maize among others.

The same applies to the rest of the children because they have improved since I first met them and they are doing well in almost all the activities that we carry out. Also in a class of P.5 and P.6 on Sunday  when I taught them adjectives, by the time the lessons got done, most of the children were able to identify the adjectives and nouns in the in different sentences respectively because I made sure I gave them as many examples as possible so that they understand well. Therefore, I know with time the children that attended consecutively will be capable of doing whatever we taught properly.

Favorite moment of the week.

My favorite moment of the week was on Saturday during P.E., when we arranged the children in their respective classes to compete in a race. At one point, one of the pupils called Wilfort came and told us he also wanted to run. We saw he couldn’t manage to run among the rest since was a little younger, so when we put him to among P.1 and P.2, in the process of running, he fell down while the rest continued to run. But he could not give up, and we thought he would cry when he fell down but he did not! Instead he got up very first and followed his friends. Although he was the last to reach after his friends, everybody was left into laughers and happiness. This really showed how focused and determined he was and the same implies to the rest of the children in that they all did well. However, we are looking forward to seeing that these children’s capabilities are built.

Something I struggled with this week.

Some of the children cannot even copy what is already on the blackboard simply because they have never attended school before and they only come once in a while. They find that their friends have learnt a lot, which makes it difficult to put them in same level. I showed them how to write their books one by one and I showed them how their work can look nice when they write well. There are four children in P.1 like Adyero Mercy, Onencan Stephen, Rubangakene Patrick and Anena Immaculate Teddy whose work cannot be read well and I am trying so hard to ensure that they learn and be well equipped with all the activities being done. Above all they are improving every time I teach although slowly, with time as the lessons go on, they will be better people.

Innovative ideas for HCU.

Hope Center Uganda (HCU) is a very good program that is improving the livelihoods of the local people in Kasubi, Gulu district and with due respect I would like to conclude by urging HCU to carry out more research on the previous reports written by other organizations with related vision and mission so as to improve on the monitoring and the evaluation process. By doing so, HCU can be able to assess its achievements effectively and improve on its program.