Congrats Grads! First-ever Computer Literacy Class Completed


By Cameron Brening and Ashley Thomas

This past Saturday we were able to celebrate our first graduating class from HCU’s Computer Literacy Program! These students have been working hard for three months, coming to class everyday to learn computer skills that are essential in Uganda’s growing job market. The graduates familiarized themselves with basic computer software before moving on to more advanced programs like Microsoft Offices, internet navigation, and computer networking. In order to receive their certificates, they completed a final exam and practical to show their mastery of course content.

Some students also featured in the dance and drama performances of the Grand Opening Ceremony: Erisa is proud to receive his diploma while in full costume!

There were 42 students initially enrolled in the program, of that we have 23 students who have shown astounding progress and complete mastery of skills that will be our first graduates for our pioneer class. We had a very diverse group of graduates with 11 males and 12 females ranging in age from 16 to 25.

When asked about the program, Head Teacher Mirriam Oroma warmly said “I thank the founders of HCU and the director so much for believing in me. I started training HCU kids with one laptop because I have the passion to teach, today I am overwhelmed with joy to see the fruit of our hard work. To the students; the studies never end, go out and continue learning new things.” To see how far this program has come since the beginning, let alone in such a short amount of time is truly remarkable.

Sarah kneels in gratitude while accepting her diploma from the team of HCU directors and local government officials.

The hard work and devotion that we were able to witness just in the final week of the program was such clear proof of when given the opportunity, just how willing these students were to work to provide a better future for themselves and their families. They were here day in and day out, some even with young babies, in order to master their skills and earn their place in the graduating class.

We are thrilled to give out these certificates and see what these bright and creative young minds will accomplish with their new skill sets. Seeing the success of this first pioneer class shows great promise for what the future holds for this program and the community. We could not be more proud of our hardworking graduates.

Give it up for HCU’s Computer Literacy Class of 2018!