COVID-19 hits Uganda

We hope that this post finds all of our readers safely, and we wish everyone the best during these unpredictable and trying times.

Uganda has had its first confirmed cases of COVID-19, and has shut down schools, transport, and public businesses. Therefore HCU has to pause all programming until further notice. However, our staff remain on full salaries and will be continuing to work from home, focusing on things like strategy and planning, grant applications, and production of reusable sanitary pads for our women’s health programs.

We understand the future is uncertain for many people worldwide, and now might be a tougher time than ever to donate. However we ask that if you have anything to give, you don’t forget about us! The majority of fundraising events are organised by one of our co-founders, Jamie, who is based in Switzerland. Her town was hit particularly hard by COVID-19, which forced her to cancel all future fundraising events for the next 3 months: events which were estimated to raise at least $3,000 we needed to cover next quarter’s operating costs.

This means we come up short on next quarter’s operating costs, which are about $2,000 and cover staff salaries, food and supplies for the children and students.

We will rely completely on online donations to fill this gap to meet these costs. We must ensure our staff (who are single mothers) can receive their full pay during these trying times, and feed their families and focus on their work despite rising food prices and increased stress. We also must do our best in support and solidarty with our thousands of beneficiaries who are small business owners in Uganda, in order to make it through these trying times together.

We sincerely wish the best for you and your families and hope that you are staying safe.

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