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In The Classroom: Refugee Education Project

UNC wasn’t the only one starting classes this week. Our pilot program, a refugee outreach project, has officially started in Gulu.

Gulu is a few hours south of the border between Uganda and South Sudan, and as the largest city in Northern Uganda it was an inevitable ending point for many Sudanese refugees fleeing conflict in their home country. In order to incorporate the refugees into the community and help the children get caught up with their studies, this easily identifiable demographic is a perfect target group for our pilot program.

Originally, we had planned to have around 45 children of Sudanese refugees embark on a 6-month, tri-weekly class to get them up to speed with the local children and hopefully enroll in school the upcoming semester. However, when 71 children showed up to try and enroll in the class, we had to rethink. We broke down the group into three classes divided based on grades, who will meet weekly with our teachers to improve their English skills.

Happy FDOC to all 🙂