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Intern Update: June

by Ayat Single Joan.

Date:   25th June 2016

Summary of the week events:

The children are welcoming, active and displayed a positive attitude toward the subject.

Time of excellence:

I had collected the books for marking and a pupil came and requested I give him his book back. I asked him why, and he said that he had forgotten to put periods in all the sentences he had written.

 Favorite moment:

After class, we always give the pupils porridge as part of the program. One day we added food color, and many of them were laughing and making fun of the colored porridge.

What I struggled with this week:

During the week I struggled with some children whose handwriting are difficult to read by helping them improve.

Innovative idea:

The children in upper classes would be involved in other activities such as brick making so that with time they become self reliant and be able to support themselves.