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Fundraising Update: WE DID IT! Let’s Keep Building Together!

We are so happy and proud to announce that thanks to over 70 generous donors, we have successfully surpassed our fundraising goal! This means HCU will be able to build our first-ever youth resource center, providing vocational training, public health, and arts classes to at least 400 additional youth every year in Gulu.

Our target of $8,403 ensured we would be able to build a bare-bones basic structure, but raising the additional money since then is key as it allowed us enough funds to cover plumbing and toilets- pretty crucial infrastructure costs we are glad to have out of the way. Any additional funds donated from now on will supply furniture and classroom materials to the center, so that when we open, it will be a beautiful space for learning and creativity.

GlobalGiving disburses the money in late October, so we will plan to begin construction in early November. The primary stage will be levelling the land, followed by transportation of building materials and of course, covering labor costs. Levelling the land will be done in a very cost-effective way: thanks to our program directors’ close links with the community, we have secured a low price for the dirt and debris used to level the land, since we will be buying it from local construction companies working on clearing land for roads.

To everyone that shared and donated, thank you so much. To those who weren’t able to, we are still grateful for your support. We look forward to taking on this next step in our journey with the support of this huge family, and we cannot wait to keep you updated over the next few months!  For anyone looking to get involved or reach out to us, please don’t hesitate.