Construction Update: Walls, Roof, Doors!

We are so excited to share our progress with you! Thanks to donations to our Globalgiving crowdfunding campaign, our team in Gulu has almost finished construction and we are looking to officially open the first Hope Center for classes in April. Since we hit 2018, we’ve finished walls and roofing for the building. Finishing touches like paint, electricity, and plumbing will be completed in the next few weeks.


Our Youth Literacy and Girl Power Gulu programs are continuing in rented space unitl our new center is officially open. We have seen a steady increase in particiption and success from the children enrolled in these programs, and look forward to expanding when we’re in our new space. Project Uplift, our microfinance and business training program, has also been doing very well, and is supporting 2,100 people in Gulu area with small loans and financial education.

We look forward to keeping you updated with our progress, and could not be more grateful for the impact your support has allowed us to make. We’re proud to show you the attached photos of the amazing things we’re accomplishing in Gulu!

Construction Update: Ground Levelling & Foundation

Because of many generous contributions to our GlobalGiving crowdfunding initiative, we raised $15,403 to build Hope Center Uganda’s first resource center. We have already begun construction, and by April 2017, HCU will be able to reach hundreds more children through education courses in a brand new facility!

In late October, funds were disbursed to our Program Director, Kevin Okumu, who is overseeing the levelling of the land and the construction of the Center. With the help of our hired engineer, Kumakech Denis, and the Denflo construction crew, we hired machinery and bought fill to level the land.

The construction team started working on the foundation the first week of December, and Denflo estimates that the walls of the structure will be completed before the end of the year. In the meantime, HCU’s programs continue in our rented space. The 70 children enrolled in our literacy program will continue to recieve English, computer science, and arts classes, while the adults and families enrolled in Project Uplift, which impacts 2,100 people in Gulu, receive monthly loans and personal finance trainings. And our monthly Girl Power Gulu sanitary pad distribution and menstrual health education program continues to impact the lives of 130 local girls and teens.

We look forward to keeping you updated with our progress, and could not be more grateful for the impact your support has allowed us to make. We’re proud to show you the attached photos of the amazing things you’re accomplishing in Gulu!

Fundraising Update: WE DID IT! Let’s Keep Building Together!

We are so happy and proud to announce that thanks to over 70 generous donors, we have successfully surpassed our fundraising goal! This means HCU will be able to build our first-ever youth resource center, providing vocational training, public health, and arts classes to at least 400 additional youth every year in Gulu.

Our target of $8,403 ensured we would be able to build a bare-bones basic structure, but raising the additional money since then is key as it allowed us enough funds to cover plumbing and toilets- pretty crucial infrastructure costs we are glad to have out of the way. Any additional funds donated from now on will supply furniture and classroom materials to the center, so that when we open, it will be a beautiful space for learning and creativity.

GlobalGiving disburses the money in late October, so we will plan to begin construction in early November. The primary stage will be levelling the land, followed by transportation of building materials and of course, covering labor costs. Levelling the land will be done in a very cost-effective way: thanks to our program directors’ close links with the community, we have secured a low price for the dirt and debris used to level the land, since we will be buying it from local construction companies working on clearing land for roads.

To everyone that shared and donated, thank you so much. To those who weren’t able to, we are still grateful for your support. We look forward to taking on this next step in our journey with the support of this huge family, and we cannot wait to keep you updated over the next few months!  For anyone looking to get involved or reach out to us, please don’t hesitate.

Fundraising Update: Race for Matching Funds Starts TOMORROW!

We’re overjoyed with pride and gratitude to announce that we have been awarded a BONUS DAY through the GlobalGiving Accelerator!

Tomorrow, Sept. 19, from 9am-11:59pm EDT, every donation made to our project through this link will be matched by 20% from funding provided by corporate sponsors. If you haven’t donated yet, this is a great time to see how far your money can really go!

There are only $10,000 available in matching funds, so the earlier and more you donate, the higher the impact you will have on empowering young people in Uganda. Beyond that, there is a $1,000 cash prize for the organization who raises the most during the bonus day- a bonus bonus that we would love to put to good use for classroom materials, furniture, and additional laptops for our children.

Thanks to you all, we are ranked #9 out of the 629 projects competing in this program! In only 8 days, we have already raised $5,466 from an incredible 34 donations- our goal of $8,403 is looking more attainable every day! We look forward to keeping each of you updated with the impact you’re helping us to make on the future of Gulu.


Fundraising Update: $5k in 2 Weeks. Let’s Build a Youth Center!



Hope Center Uganda has grown so much this year, adding new children to our literacy program, starting a women’s health/education program, Girl Power Gulu, and partnering with local artists to provide drawing, dance, and fashion classes to our kids. However, our programming development has to be matched by fundraising development, and we are excited to be in our final step towards achieving the sustainable revenue model that will allow us limitless potential for future growth.

August was a deadline-driven month spent balancing duties on the ground in Gulu with fundraising responsibilities. We applied to GlobalGiving’s September Accelerator program, submitting all our financial documents, legal documents, testimonies from local community members, and several past reports for vetting.

Finally, at the end of the month, our work paid off and we we were accepted to the program. Now, we have to raise at least $5,000 from at least 40 donors between September 11 and September 29. If we don’t hit these goals, we won’t receive any of the money and Global Giving will not allow us to remain on their platform until we pass through next month’s Accelerator.

It’s crucial that we pass the accelerator because the sooner our project is funded, the sooner we can build the first Hope Center, achieving our goal of creating self-sustaining education programs and community. We will be able to bring in revenue through a wifi café and artisan shop, which will provide vocational training for local adults as well as a way to sell handmade crafts that we teach our students to make. It is key that we pass the accelerator because GlobalGiving offers learning tools and opportunities for growth, providing accepted organizations with access to corporate sponsors, matching funds, and more.

Donations are tax-deductible and are accepted starting September 11 at 9:00am EDT. The closer we are to reaching our fundraising goal, the higher our ranking on the website, so the sooner one donates, the better our chances of reaching our goal. Thank you for your support, please consider sharing or contributing to our project to help us reach our goal!

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