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Fundraising for the Hope-Mobile

Last week, TeamHCU was involved in a car accident while driving to do a reproductive health workshop in a remote village. A truck swerved into us from oncoming traffic: fortunately, everyone in our team is still safe, healthy, and uninjured: unfortunately, the damages to repair the car are around $3,500 USD, and we’re asking that anyone who is in a position to donate could give what they can to help us with these unforseen costs. If we don’t come up with the funds we need for these repairs, we will be forced to make dramatic cuts to other programs, which will cause many people to go without crucial services like education, sanitary pad access, and entrepreneurship loans.

The “Hope-Mobile” as we like to call her, is vital to HCU’s work. Having a sturdy vehicle that can travel long distances to remote villages allows us to ensure that we can provide thousands of beneficiaries with education and access to services like reproductive health workshops and materials, microfinance loans and business training sessions, and sensitization to issues like gender-based violence and children’s rights to education.

We want to ensure that all of the donations will go directly to the repair cost of the vehicle.

Donation request – $3,500 USD

Please help by donating and sharing this fundraiser page:

As always, all donations made via Global Giving are tax deductible. If you would like to donate directly to us and bypass GlobalGiving’s 15% transaction fee, please do not hesitate to reach out to and we will respond promptly with donation information.

Please rest assured that your donations are impacting not just the lives of the thousands who directly benefit from our program, but their families and communities.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration.