Construction Update: Paint, Plumbing & the Search for Solar

We’re almost there! We want to start off with a huge thank you for your commitment to our project so far. In the past few weeks, our engineering team has finished up painting the interior and exterior of the building, installing electric wiring systems and building a septic tank and indoor toilet. In the next weeks, the team will build a second outdoor toilet for the kids, and a small veranda around the house to avoid drainage issues. We still hope to receive donations for solar panels, so the center can be fully self-powered!

The office space in the center is already in use by our local team and this year’s first group of summer interns, Mia Hodges, Allison Daniels, and Saelar Venters, who have been working with us in Gulu for the past month. Their enthusiasm and hard work is leading to great developments in our microfinance loan program, Uplift, which we hope to expand over the summer months. Through providing small loans to local women and giving them financial trainings, we support the family members of HCU’s kids and build our reputation in the local community, while raising money from the interest received on the returned loans. We are happy to report that our return rate is still currently 100%!

Summer Intern Mia Hodges collects loan payments for Project Uplift

Thank you again for your continued support! We look forward to keeping you updated with our growth this summer, when we will be able to see the House of Hope come to life!