Classes Begin in the New Center!

By Addie Lynch

The moment that we’ve been working towards is finally here… our new center is finally in use! HCU’s “House of Hope” is beautifully illuminated by all of the natural light beaming in through numerous windows; this is a seemingly small luxury that we never knew we needed at the old facility, where light struggled to make it through the slits of wooden walls. We traded old, splintering desks for new, clean tables and chairs. All of the students were able to sit close to the newly installed chalk boards and take notes in their brand new composition books. Now we even have working electricity!

The kids are loving the new space! Many of them agree that it was a much needed upgrade from the old classrooms. Mirriam, the head teacher at HCU, loves having an office space where she  can do her administrative work, and is appreciative of all of the new materials donated by our interns. New reading books, whiteboards, paper, crayons, and other class supplies have made teaching easier and have made learning a more enjoyable experience for the kids. The laptops donated by several interns will soon become core materials in our next program: computer training courses.


Kevin, HCU’s lead coordinator says, “It’s really exciting. It’s conducive and very accommodating for the classes because it’s in a quiet area; the students can concentrate on what they need to do. The new center creates the calm environment that bring comfort in one’s heart. The green grasses bring a freshness in the whole family of Hope Center Uganda.”

We are so blessed to be able to continue educating Gulu’s youth in an updated facility, but the work is not over quite yet!  Thanks to many generous donations, we have about 15 laptops ready and waiting to be assembled into our new computer lab: as soon as we get Wifi installed. We have two latrines constructed that still need plumbing. Soon, we will have the land around our building leveled to create a space where the children can play outside. Building a kitchen space for Hope Center’s chef, who makes lunch for the kids, is also on our to-do list.

From everyone at HCU, we thank everyone who have helped support our projects in the Gulu district. Thanks to you, our students are getting closer to the bright future they deserve– in turn illuminating the futures of their community,  country, and world.