SABAA Electronic Music Education Partnership Empowers Young Creatives

Hope Center Gulu is so excited to announce the success of our free pilot program in Electronic Music Production. This is greatly thanks to our partners SABAA Education and Ableton, with additional support from private donors and music collectives such as Rise Berlin and Pangea II.

The program started October 1, 2019 and will be running on a three month pilot basis. We hope to reach 25 youth ages 15-25, the majority of whom are females who might not have other access to education.

So far, we have seen amazing results. Our first class of students finished meeting last week, and they have gone through a course based off of Ableton’s official curriculum: learning the basics of using audio samples, creating MIDI notes, using a variety of effects and mixing and mastering techniques, and gaining experience with MIDI controllers such as drum pads and key boards.

These are many of the same students who have already excelled in our DJ classes, and we are excited to initiate them further into our HCU family. All program graduates are allowed -and encouraged- to continue coming to the center, where they can use the computers and music software for free. Furthermore, the graduates are built into peer-education groups so they can pass their education on to those around them, which greatly empowers the young creative community in Gulu.

For more details visit our Arts & Tech programming page!